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In the recent years, mobile devices and respective mobile applications have grown with pace to meet the growing global market needs like technology enhancement, cost-effective communication, better productivity, better collaboration and strong and secured information portability. Taction has been helping Enterprises in effectively managing their technology budget through the implementation of the latest tools and techniques and mobile applications which are tightly integrated with robust backend platform.

Taction has a strong mobility practice with high level of expertise across all major mobile platforms, API development and associated backend technologies. Our mobile application developers are highly skilled with years of experience in using advance tools, SDKs, libraries and frameworks to design and develop custom mobile applications across industry verticals.

Taction’s mobile application development experts follows global technology and process standards to create higher usability, scalability and maintainability hence generating better ROI. We have pool of experts for iOS, Android, Swift and Cross-Platform mobile application development work and ready to be assigned to your mobile application development projects.



Taction is one of the top iOS App Development Companies that designs and develops next-generation solutions on iOS platforms for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch devices to deal with real-life problems. We offer quality iOS development services at reasonable costs and timelines with the right mix of technical talent, agile mobile app development processes, and across industry experience.

Our iOS developers get engaged with you to understand your business requirements and develop technical specifications, application design, codes, test execution strategies and assist you in successfully submitting and getting approval for the iOS App on the Apple Store. We Leverage the power of C, Objective C and Swift native development technologies and APIs to deliver scalable, robust and clean coded iPhone and iPad applications and ensure one-shot approval on Apple Store.

Apart from designing user-friendly UI/UX, develop complex functionalities, testing apps for code quality and features and Apple standards and deliver innovative and robust iPhone and/or iPad applications; we also provide post-deployment maintenance services. We help our clients in keeping the apps updated with latest iOS features released by Apple and maintain compatibility with new devices.


Android operating system is the fastest growing and open source mobile operating system for smartphones. Almost 70% of mobile users in the world are using Android which means nearly 900 million people use Android applications. Therefore, Android application development is crucial to any business for better customer service, productivity, business growth and hence ROI.

Taction is a renowned Android app development company offering android app development services globally using a wide range of tools and techniques to build customized Android Applications that are robust and highly scalable. Our expert android app Developers do research and analysis to recommend and implement latest android version and its features to build Android applications customized to meet your strategic business objectives.

Taction has developed number of Android apps for multiple industry verticals. We recommend our clients to go for Android applications since it is Open Source, Low Investment / high ROI, wider market capture, easy to integrate, easy adoption, higher scalability etc.


Swift is a new, fast, intuitive, powerful and highly efficient scripting language introduced for the development of iOS apps. Apple has introduced Swift as an interactive programming tool that is developer-friendly and comes with concise syntax making app code easier to write and maintain.

Taction is an innovative and quality driven mobile app development company offering cutting-edge Swift app development services to clients from diverse industry verticals. Our proven delivery methods ensure timely delivery of your mobile application development requirements regardless of the scale or complexity. Our Swift developers can add Swift code to existing apps or can build entirely new high-performance apps using Swift language quickly and easily.

The Swift language was initially meant to be only for iOS and OS X apps, but now it is being available for Android apps as a part of Apple’s decision to open-source Swift. Swift is growing popular among iOS developers due to the following reasons:


Taction’s cross-platform mobile application development creates experience and functionality of native apps with the multi-platform compatibility of mobile web apps. Our experience in building cross-platform mobile and web applications using technologies like React Native, IONIC, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, PhoneGap, Sencha and jQuery Mobile is well trusted and appreciated by our clients.
  • Swift code is more interactive
  • The Swift code is easier to read
  • The syntax is brief yet expressive
  • Swift is full of functional programming features
  • Apps developed with Swift run faster
  • Swift adds feature to existing iOS apps
  • Better real-time development options

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“Taction stood out as unique. Even though they were confident in their skills, they weren’t brash or forceful in terms of communication, which translated into huge benefits when it came to interacting with the technology groups of other clients.”


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