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FHIR Integration Using Mirth (Nextgen) Connect


FHIR extension or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is a standard for the general exchanging of healthcare information electronically. Healthcare records are getting more digitized with every passing day; it requires a more advanced and sophisticated technique in which they can be handled. As the patients are shifted from one place to another, it becomes more convenient to move their data around as well. We will discuss FHIR Integration using Mirth.

To help in so many different ways, HL7 has been developed, and it has addressed a lot of different challenges by introducing healthcare data and information exchange or by modeling various standards for over 20 years. FHIR is a brand new specification that has been based and developed according to the emerging industry demands and other lessons of requirements. For more information on FHIR specification, you can contact us and we will deliver you the best possible outcome.

What are the components of FHIR?

FHIR is based on several components which are essential in different ways. The most common method by which it can be defined and represented is by building them from different data types and other reusable common patterns of elements.

  • The resource is the basic building block of the FHIR
  • A common set of metadata is required
  • A human-readable part is implemented

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The Different Parts Of FHIR Specification

As you can understand that FHIR is an extensive specification which requires a lot of different components. The FHIR Specification is broken down into three major parts, and these are as follows.

General Documentation

General Documentation

Which explains how different resources have been defined and how it gives background material including various definitions of data types or codes etc?



It involves the different process of how to make use of resources using REST, Messaging or other technical ways.

Resource List

Resource List

It is the list which deals with the resources defined by the FHIR. It is very important as well.

Best FHIR Integration Solutions

FHIR using Mirth has different HTTP connectors and also at the same time supports XML / JSON data as well. This is a significant reason why a fully compliant FHIR implementation has been therefore it has been possible. This technology preview we are talking about provides a straightforward way to kick-start info a brand new interface. The new Mirth (Nextgen) connect FHIR extension efficiently acts much like the HTTP Listener. However, it also has an assortment of different FHIR settings. Hence it becomes easier to develop a new medical setting UI.

If you have read the article till this point, then you are now aware of the various kinds of information related to FHIR and how it can be implemented with Mirth. If you are looking for a successful FHIR implementation then you can contact us. We have a team of professionals who have been providing our clients with successful FHIR specifications with the implementation of Mirth.


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