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Pratapgarh Farms & Resorts (Haryana) January 25, 2020
-Team outings serve a greater purpose to employees and the company as a whole. Taction Software recently organized a corporate team outing to Pratapgarh Farms & Resorts in Jhajjar district of Haryana. The company believes that team outings are one of many ways to enhance communication and collaboration amidst employees while including fun. Employees had an amazing day off and enjoyed a plethora of activities.

Taction Software appreciates the importance of holding fun day activities for the employees. Some of the sports activities that employees really enjoyed are Cricket and Badminton. Fresh air, lots of laughter and team building are necessary for the overall development of employees. Taction Software family also had a hands-on experience on activities such as camel ride, pottery and even a tractor ride. The fun visit marked a boost in the motivation of employees and also enhanced their creativity skills.

Strengthening of working relationship is important, it is mandatory for a decent working environment. Employees enjoyed delicious food and delicacies prepared especially for them. In the end, a puppet show was organized for the team, followed by a gun shooting event which stole the limelight of the day. Team outings are also an opportunity for team leaders and managers to learn more about their employees, discover their strengths and new talents.

The day was pleasant and employees didn’t realize how time flew. These activities pushed and motivated Taction Software employees to try new things. The day-long visit also helped everybody channel their hidden talents and break the professional ice between each other. The ultimate goal is to motivate employees to work together with a shared goal. Change of scenery for a day is fun. People unknowingly learn to make effective team decisions and solve problems.

Forgetting about the work pressure and opening in the environment gave everybody a chance to flourish and talk freely with each other. The activities organized gave ample time to employees to mix-up with the other mates in a fun way. Talks are than project deadlines and deliverables were quite refreshing for everyone present. An adventurous day out is the best way for employees to get away from their 9-5 job for a day and bounce back again with new vigour and a mind full of fresh ideas.

The next phase of corporate team outing, is scheduled for June-July Session. Stay Tuned…

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