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Tableau is business intelligence software that allows anyone to easily connect to data, then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards. It’s easy enough that any Excel user can learn it, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most complex analytical problems. Securely sharing your findings with others only takes seconds and products are transforming the way people use data to solve problems. It makes analyzing data fast and easy, graphical and useful. It is software for anyone and everyone involved in strategic planning. This rapid-fire business intelligence provides a fast and easy way to make visual analytics available to decision makers empowering them in finding actionable insights. Taction has extensive experience in implementing BI environment, realizing the power of Tableau. Our experts have extensively created multiple industry-specific BI platforms successfully integrating and consolidating distributed data sets using it. This has helped all our customers in dealing with their BigData related concerns easily.


Tableau BI Dashboards

Explore your data with interactive Tableau Dashboards. Tableau Dashboards act like dynamic reports that can be used for in-depth data analysis or to share information with the clients. We design Tableau Dashboards to help you in making informed decisions smartly drive strategic actions successfully. Before developing Dashboard, we build Worksheets that will feed dashboard aggregating data either from large Data Warehouses or Data Marts or Databases or flat files.

Big Data Analysis through Tableau BI

With rapidly growing, structured or unstructured data, Big Data platforms are enabling organizations to store, process and analyze petabytes of information. Tableau empowers business users to quickly and easily find valuable insights in vast Big Data datasets by using them as one of the data sources along with other ones. With this BI application, you get the data into a fast, in-memory analytical engine for rapid queries, or connect directly to your own database or data sources.

Tableau BI Architecture

Business intelligence architecture is a set of frameworks to organize the structured or unstructured data, business rules, data integration, data cleansing, creation of data dimensions and technical components like BI software suite or BI tools, hardware, database software, and networking devices used to build any BI systems. Our BI experts are well versed with designing comprehensive architecture that addresses data, technology, integration, business rules, processes etc. and can assist you in building a robust and powerful BI platform using for better management of trends and analytics.

Data Discovery through Tableau BI

Data Discovery means the process of aggregating and consolidating data from various back-end systems and sources, manipulating and analyzing it to uncover patterns, trends, relationships, and anomalies. Tableau is a powerful BI tool that empowers users to gain deeper insight powerful visualizations retrieving structured or unstructured data from sources like spreadsheets, databases, data warehouses and third-party data formats. It combines multiple charts, graphs, other visual objects, and custom filters etc. into analytic dashboards to help one to take informed business strategic decisions.

Tableau Web Portal

We develop custom web-based portals integrated with Tableau creating an access to all your Workbooks. With our extensive multi-technology platform (PHP, .Net) based web development expertise, we can create a Tableau web portal Using Tableau’s JavaScript API and enable you to navigate and interact with all of your Tableau Workbooks. Portal can help you in creating user adoption faster as the Tableau Dashboards are usable by anyone who has access through the web portal. Our Portal design includes the features like customizable interface, user-friendly navigation panel, editable filters, dashboard sharing and commenting, configurable access permissions and user management, Tableau Dashboard downloads etc.

Data Visualization with Tableau

It is one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool. Data visualization with Tableau makes it easier to draw business insights while planning complex business ideas. Tableau is very easy to deploy and learn and very intuitive to use with drag-and-drop facilities. It helps you structure your thoughts with the power of data visualization capabilities enabling multi-faceted and multi-dimension views of data. Tableau has many options to represent your structure as well as unstructured data in different views and allows you to apply filters, drill downs, data set formatting, create datasets, groups, apply what-if analysis, generate trends and perform forecasting.

Social Media Analytics through Tableau BI

Social media information is only meaningful if one can understand and gain insights to grow as a business. Tableau’s wide range of analytics and data visualization capabilities give organizations the opportunity to examine the data from multiple dimensions, helping to gather targeted insights. Development and integration services use the APIs provided by the Social Media Platforms to pull data out of these platforms and push into appropriate data sources to further develop Dashboards. As social media information is becoming a key source of information for businesses, Taction helps them increase the value of this data by combining with other data sources using Tableau BI tool.

Tableau Consulting

BI Consulting Service team sees things from your perspectives with the passion, the interest, and their expertise on Tableau BI tool. We offer Business Intelligence (BI) consulting and help our clients in executing BI tasks like generating powerful BI Dashboards, cost-effective Data visualization options and building an effective BI ecosystem. Provides fast, accurate and actionable data visualization to meet your Business Intelligence needs fully beyond standard reports. With rich UI/UX, Tableau BI helps you in taking quick business decisions drawing value out of terabytes of structured and unstructured data.



From a simple data-driven Graphical Dashboard to a complete Tableau Data Analytics ecosystem, our world-class Consulting team will partner with you till you reach your Business goals. Our Tableau Consulting team will help you seamlessly integrate with your existing application framework to empower your employees, partners and customers with higher analytical capabilities with the power of Tableau’s Data Discovery and Visualization and hence dashboards and analytics. We understand the challenges associated with integrating into your everyday workflow as we have worked with wide industry verticals like Healthcare, Publication, Education, Manufacturing and Technology to build effective BI platforms and therefore create successes in Tableau integration and end-user adoption. Our BI Development experts have also developed Web Portals for many clients successfully integrating and consolidating distributed data sets across data repositories.

  • Our  team would love to assist you in Big Data Analysis, Data Discovery, Data Visualization, Big Data Analysis, Social Media Analytics, Data Source Identification, and Data Processing Logic / Business Logic building
  • Our Consultants capture and document every detail to use effectively for improving your data analysis efforts
  • Consultants would work with you to draft an Integration / Implementation / Tableau BI implementation strategy
  • Our Tableau Consulting expertise should help you build an Ad Hoc Analysis platform using Tableau
  • Our experts adhere to the best practices standards set by Tableau
  • We can set up the Tableau Click through dashboards to allow you to navigate data easily
  • Our Tableau Developers can help you build graphical representations of your data with Dashboard Configuration
  • Our Experts can set up that can combine multiple sources of data into a single view
  • We can help you configure the Tableau dashboard and Tableau web portal that can reflect data changes in real time with the effective integration of data access management and security

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