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Customization is the key for staying ahead of the competition in this digitized modernity. Your CRM should adapt your business values and specifications. SugarCRM is the first choice for millions of businesses. Your SugarCRM can be customized aligning with your specific and unique business strategy for smarter business process, transitions, driving through better results and increased profitability.


Your business has to evolve with a dynamic performing ability in order to align with today’s fast-paced digitized business landscape. With increasing complexity in business processes and growing demand of customer expectations, you need to restructure your business strategies and customize your CRM for getting an efficient solution which can be adjusted according to your business requirements. Expert customization of your SugarCRM will help you achieving deeper customer insights offering them an omnichannel customer expectation.


Enjoy improved efficiency through Taction SugarCRM Custom Solutions We are an authorized SugarCRM Development and Customization Gold Partner. Taction Software is a team of world-class SugarCRM experts who can deliver faster and better SugarCRM Customization Solutions to transform technical abilities of your team, improve the competency of the business processes and growing sales conversions of your brand. Through our SugarCRM software custom solutions, you will get –

  • Improved sales through marketing automation, higher performance, and increased leads
  • Insights will benefit you for sales cycles of any length
  • Help understanding customer concerns, improving the customer experience, Increase ROI and profitability of your business
  • Elimination of manual processes and data collection helps improving process efficiency
  • Increased productivity through process automation


Customization of Modules

Taction SugarCRM customization services help you identify those identical and unique entities based on your business requirements to make your SugarCRM responsive and aligned completely with your business prospects. Our SugarCRM experts help you in developing a fully customized with complex business workflows to reflect your particular business needs.

Customized Themes

Your CRM theme must reflect your brand’s vision and show your industry vertical with perfection. We can customize SugarCRM themes to a versatile and appealing one that your brand needs. Our team of SugarCRM experts can transform your SugarCRM theme mirroring your brand’s image that matches your unique business needs.

Filter Customization

Every business needs a different level of data filtration and search options. Our SugarCRM customization experts help you to develop advanced filters matching your business entities, on the expected values you need to the extent you require. We can develop as many filters you want through SugarCRM flexibility and our team’s advanced development skills.

Reports Customization

Taction Software SugarCRM professionals understand your reporting needs and develop custom reports for the specific business vertical your brand operates in. We have built dynamic and advanced reports across verticals and industries with extended features and finest UI. Customized reports developed by SugarCRM Custom Solutions team helps our clients leverage their data to extract valuable business insights for better business decisions.

Customized Insights

Your SugarCRM is the collaborative platform where your team and your clients work together to achieve a synchronized goal. Therefore, your CRM dashboards should be customized according to the audience and workflow statuses to increase their productivity by providing the users a better insight into the activities and actions. We at Taction Software, help you build customized and advanced dashboards for each specific type of user for unearthing deeper insights through segmentation, data mining and advanced data analytics.

Workflow Customization

Business workflows have higher complexity today. SugarCRM can be customized for automated and diverse processes. Taction offers a highly competent and end to end solution for SugarCRM workflow customization which will be developed by our technically sound SugarCRM experts. SugarCRM workflow customization helps you to save time and money that drives your business to amplified growth opportunities.

Plugin Customization

SugarCRM comes with diverse functionalities that are useful to the majority of the businesses. Still, there are features for which you need external plugins to be developed and used for extended functionalities. We at Taction Software understand the need for additional features due to augmented business requirements. Our SugarCRM Customization Services help you develop and customize plugins for SugarCRM for the aggrandized customer expectations.

Boost your business with our SugarCRM Customization services and achieve your business objectives faster.

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“Taction stood out as unique. Even though they were confident in their skills, they weren’t brash or forceful in terms of communication, which translated into huge benefits when it came to interacting with the technology groups of other clients.”


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