ACT to SugarCRM Migration

ACT to SugarCRM Migration

A US based organization that runs a child safety solutions network. It brings together the creative energy and successes of parents, child safety experts, community health educators, law enforcement, firefighters/EMS, teachers, nurses and pediatricians who are dedicated to teaching children to act safely and responsibly.

To meet the high level of new requirement, client decided to migrate from ACT to SugarCRM.

Our SugarCRM Customization experts extracted the data from ACT, cleaned data up for duplicity and redundancy and then mapped the fields to the appropriate modules in SugarCRM before finally migrate the values and the relationships to SugarCRM database. In the cases of migration, our approach is to perform detailed analysis of the existing system and the business processes that are automated through it for better effectiveness in the migration of data to SugarCRM environment. We completely retained the relationship between the modules, fields or records that are critical for working on the new system and this helps in a smoother user acceptance run during final implementation. We keep a backup of the complete data from the outgoing system for better risk management before executing migration of any data into SugarCRM.


This helped in a smoother user acceptance run during final implementation of the new system. The migration has resolved couple of operational issues along with cost concerns of the client.

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