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PHP Based Healthcare System With Formulary Check Using Allscripts API



The client wanted to design and developed an application that checks the patient prescription, validates their drugs against insurance plan with the formulary check and suggests the nearest pharmacy with minimal input from the patient. The system was also to be capable of displaying patient demographic details with their allergy, vitals, diagnosis and medication history. It was also designed to build communication channel between patient and doctor to discuss post appointment procedures.


We proposed a solution that requires minimal key-in from patients and maximum retrieval of information out of the Intelligent Information Management System. Taction designed and developed a solution based on PHP/ MySQL using Zend Framework (ZF2) and integrated with third-party applications and database through APIs from Allscripts, GoodRx, PokitDok etc.


PHP, ZEND Framework (ZF2), MySQL


The technology platform has improved the Doctors/ Providers and Patients collaboration, effective medication and patient care and patient/ doctor/ pharmacy collaborations for better prescription dispensing and filling/ refilling.


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