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Data Mining, Data Warehousing and Tableau Dashboard Creation


US based world leaders in creating top of the line nutritional and dietary supplements to help purify and strengthen human organs and body.


The client was looking for a Business Intelligence (BI) Platform to help Sales and Marketing teams in making informed strategic decisions. They also proposed to have a custom portal developed to publish the dashboard(s) to keep look, feel and usability similar to their existing Sales and Marketing Management systems.


Taction has been engaged in mining raw data from various data sources such as CRM (SugarCRM & LimeLight), 20+ product websites, Google Adwords, Facebook, and others, for data warehousing and finally generating various analytics leveraging Tableau. We also have designed and built an Analytic Portal leveraging ZEND Framework 2 (ZF2) with the high level of PHP Security layer implementation and integration with Tableau API. This Portal allows Admin to create various Users with defined roles/permissions, upload Tableau Dashboard(s) in different categories/sub categories and provide access to appropriate Users.


PHP, ZEND Framework 2, Tableau BI


The solution offered the sales team an integrated platform to operate more effectively and meet aggressive sales targets with up-to-date data readily available on few clicks. The effectiveness of the Targeted Sales vs. Actual Sales went nearly to 90% accuracy i.e. variance is only 10% or less month on month, year on year basis.

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