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Taction Software celebrate Raksha Bandhan…

Taction Software celebrate Raksha Bandhan…

Raksha Bandhan is a Special Occasion for us Indians, and we asked you to share stories.However, the response is beyond any of our expectations!

We Celebrated, Rakha Bandhan, the Unique Indian Festival of Bonding, Love & Strength of Brother and Sister, with our members and the rest of the world, In addition to the event we tried to engage the sisters and brothers, to share their experience via short stories, videos and one-liners to capture and relish the precious moment.

We at Taction are honored to feature these stories on our blog. We would like to personally thank Neetu Jain Gurpreet Kaur Sadhana Aggarwal Sunita Katyal Gunavathy Ghun Jain Kajal Lata Kalita Shikhar Verma
And all the enthusiastic people who tagged #sisbondbro on their posts. Keep in touch people.

Featured stories on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan week, #sisbondbro #LifeAt Taction

This is very cute and funny incident with my bro Ameet Jain….This happened a few years back. My family was traveling to some destination and while going we saw some donkeys on the road. My older brother, as usual, thought he could make some smart comment and tease me. He pointed out to the donkeys and said, “Look Neetu your brothers are here! Go join them.”

I just looked at him for two seconds and then burst out laughing. He released his mistake and didn’t say anything

Even today, I still tease him about this incident… sorry bro, but I just told your embarrassing story to the world

Team ICM Says: Thanks, Nneetu, You and your brother’s story also made us laugh, and no, it was not at all embarrassing, right Ameet? We hope to see you participating in our other engagements, wishes for your future.

My Elder Brother #gurmeetsingh who has been super supportive and loving to all that I have ever done… every moment with him is awesome! He always knows my habits, my hobbies, my likes, my dislikes even more than my own family… Even today when we are both staying in separate cities he makes it a point to visit me twice a year-once for Rakhi and once for my birthday! And whenever I say I will visit him, he says, ‘aare why you want to get into the trouble of booking tickets, they are always waiting lists, you wait, and I will come there’… He is always thinking about my troubles and even before I tell him that there is a problem, he knows it and always 100% support me. In college, I fell in love with a boy from different religion-it was a big deal with the typical Indian family, coming from a very conservative background and society and a very small town, I dared to not only fall in love but that too with someone from a different religion! I was so scared. My mom was very understanding, but I knew how she will fight against my dadi, my dada, and all the relatives? I was very worried, but my brother (gurmeet singh) simply said, ‘let me meet him once’, then when they met they talked for about 3 hours and I was so worried that my brother would not like him and will say no to this match, but he liked my choice a lot and said, ‘you will marry him, don’t worry!’ I was still very scared, but he went personally to each and every member of my extended family and convinced them that different religion did not matter, that my choice was a very kind and intelligent man and they need to accept it, and finally my family also agreed to meet my choice and TODAY WE ARE HAPPILY MARRIED FOR OVER 7 YEARS! This would never have been possible if it wasn’t for my brother! I owe all my happiness, my family to him and him alone! The first time he met my husband was just 1 day before Rakhi and on Rakhi day when I tied Rakhi to him, he promised me that he will personally get me married to the man of my choice and will protect me from whoever wants to create troubles for us! And till date he has always kept his promise! I never fight with him; I cannot even think of fighting with him, he is my angel! – Thank you Paytm for this contest where I could loudly say things I always wanted to say We LLC

Team ICM Says: Gurpreet, I think you are very fortunate to have a brother like Gurmeet Singh, and we are sure Gurmeet feels the same, further We feel humbled at the trust you have shown by sharing this touching story with us, we wish you both the very best of life, keep in touch.

My brother is God’s best gift to me and he is the biggest Blessing in my life. He has always been my support right from my childhood. He has always been my savior & protector numerous times.

While I was doing my graduation, my parents wanted to get me married, but I wanted to study further. My brother supported my decision to study further & he also convinced my parents to all me to study further. Thus, it was because of my brother’s supports I was able to pursue my career & fulfill my dream. My brother also came as a superhero was when he convinced my parents to allow me to marry the love of my life. When I was in college, I was in love with my best friend & I had only told my brother about this. I told my brother that I loved my boyfriend a lot & we would definitely be happy with each other. My brother met him & liked him too. Now, at the same time my parents found a proposal for me, but my brother came as a savior, he told them that the he had found a better boy for me & he insisted my parents to see the boy that he had seen. My brother made my parents understand that the boy he has brought is very good & would keep me happy. Lucky… my parents liked the boy (my boyfriend) & agreed to get us married. Thus, it’s because of my dearest brother; I got married to the love of my life. Thus, only because of his super powers, I was able to marry the love of my life. He did the impossible for me by convincing my parents

Team ICM Says: Sadhna, A brother like him is an asset one can pray to have. Not many would share the story; In short, we are honored to have gained this trust from you. wish you and your brother the very best of life.

My brother Anil Trepan doesn’t like Holi festival. He always used to make excuses to avoid to playing Holi. So I and my sister played a prank with him at Holi festival. He had his separate attached bathroom. On that day I unscrewed the shower and filled it with black color and fixed it back with black color still filled inside it again as he entered the bathroom and turned on the shower me and my sister started laughing loudly and as he came out of the bathroom his face was completely black as we both shouted “Bura na mano holi hai” we all still remember this prank and can’t control laughing whenever we think of it

Team ICM Says: “Bura a mano Holi hai”!! Sunita the story transported us to our childhood days! Thanks for sharing such memories, just like you we will also treasure it and We are quite sure your brother will smile when he reads this piece.

I don’t have an own brother, but we r 2 sister tie Rakhi to each other on Raksha Bandhan…….. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of love & affection between me & my sister, the bond that is built over hundreds of moments of shared laughter, tears and fights, eating & sharing. It is the best time we treasure our old memories & create new ones precious as gold. My sister is the best gift of God given to me & the “wonderful light of my life, she deserves only the best, today and always…WE BOTH FEEL ONE SISTER IS EQUAL TO 100 BROTHERS

Team ICM Says: Well said Sunita! Taction celebrated Raksha Bandhan week with the similar sentiment, it is an occasion to acknowledge our sibling’s love in our life, and Best wishes to you both, Stay in touch.

On this special occasion of #rakshabandhan #happyrakshabandhan #sisbondbro I want to thank my brother Tridib Kalita (I call him “Baba”) who is a teacher, guide, mentor, friend , pillar of my strength and a supporter in every decision of my life … who stands like a strong wall behind me from my childhood till date….his selfless love made him ride his bicycle side by side of a bus where I was travelling from an Exam Center(as I insisted on coming by bus Rather than by a bicycle)….He missed his valuable classes of NIT Surat and went to Guwahati just to clear my doubts during my class 12 board Exams !!! #kaisabhaihai May God bless you and shower you with happiness and peace… I am always with you….in your happiness and sorrows….whenever you need me… I am there….

Once accidentally my brother Anil Trehan broke a vase while playing and in order to save him from my father’s anger I lied that I had done it. In the evening, my father came back home, he started shouting at me. My brFollow Taction

Sunita shares another story:

When I was in fifth class one day my brother saw me crying lonely in my room. He came to my room and asked politely that what had happened to me and why I was crying. I told him that next day I have a math exam for which I don’t know anything and I am sure to fail in that exam. My school teacher tries her best to explain me, but I am unable to understand it. My father took my math books in his room and came back after a couple of hours, he then spent the next 2 hours explaining me my math chapters in details with great Interest and care and helped me to prepare really well for my exam. I appeared for my math exam the very next day morning & surprise!!! Surprise!!! Scored 50/ 50 in my math exam. My teacher was surprised & praised me a lot. I came back home with a big smile on my face as my brother came back home from the office. I hugged him tightly. He was very happy to see her sister performed so well with his little effort. This incident is the most memorable and touching moment in my life.

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