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Tactcon’15 unveils Vision and Values for Taction Software

Tactcon’15 unveils Vision and Values for Taction Software

Date: 2nd October
Venue: Jaipur
Time: Sometime in the evening, the stunning Speech and Value creation session stopped time for most of us!
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It was a short and animated presentation for the Tacteam, their spouse and the kids. The dim lights and the Journey of Taction Software combined with the background music drained away the yawns. The journey to the pink City of Jaipur was now a sweet memory. The printed schedule was right there in orange and black and Vision statement was the next program to be delivered by the CEO, who everyone knew would be anything but Boring. But then came the unexpected!
Formality is not his regular habit, especially with his team. The stage was set and Pranabjyoti Das came on stage and delivered the opening statement, which made the conference hall fall silent – pin drop silence!

“Creating FREEDOM for the PEOPLE by being a global leader in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY landscape for Innovative, Realistic and Quality solutions”

No fancy words and no googling the tough phrases. The Vision statement was delivered in a simple and straight way that only a people’s person can deliver. “I need my team, partners and my community to own this – not to quote them just to impress others” says Pranab.
An organization’s vision, just as a personal one, is simply an aspirational description of what an organization would like to achieve or accomplish in the long term future. It is intended to serve as a clear guideline for choosing current and future courses of action.
“It inspires me to be the custodian for creating freedom of time, freedom of health, freedom of wealth, freedom at workplace for the PEOPLE who are directly or indirectly associated with Taction” Says Pranab
Innovation is self-explanatory and it’s impossible for any player in the Technology landscape to survive without Innovation.
Innovation in all our sphere is what Taction software will be aiming for. Innovate, try, test and implement the cutting edge solutions followed by a consistent effort to build high level of awareness and acceptance in the world of end-users. “We are not merely code jackers, we are here to play big and a long inning. Innovation needs to flow in our veins” says Pranab
Realistic Solutions for the end user – It is the winning USP for Taction Software feels Pranab. Realistic Solutions are all about being relevant and practical as an approach, not only for today but also for the future,for our customers, both internal and external.
The Vision session ended with smiles and nods of heads in mass agreement as was expected from Pranab. It was followed by some performances and a unique concept of Value creation Session with the members – the “Tacteam”.
“They are my values and I will practice them with my head and heart as I have created them” said one of the techies after the value session was over.
“Core values are the guiding pillars to move ahead towards the vision, shape the culture and reflect what the company stands by. They are the essence of the company’s identity – the principles, beliefs and philosophy of the group.
Behind Every successful w/man there is an Organization with clear Vision” Says Micky.
Micky got off the stage, down the floor, What happened next caught everyone by surprise!
The Microphone was passed to a member on the floor and asked TO CHOOSE HIS SET OF VALUES, this was new to even the hardcore IT professional, Thus, Taction Software created a benchmark by laying the pillars of its culture – “for the people, by the people and of the people”
Here are the Five values that the members chose”

Commitment: We are committed towards honoring our words and taking responsibility of what we do.
Empowerment: We believe in delegating responsibilities with ownership and authority.
Innovation: We strive to build a culture of out-of-the-box thinking.
Diversity: We are always unbiased and open to embrace new ideas, opportunities and talent.
Pursuit of Excellence: We are committed to set the highest level as a benchmark and always strive to the next level of success to achieve our goals.

“The 5 Values help us mainly in three fronts: Decision making, Educate our customers and Talent nurturing” says Micky. The Values session ended with a Q&A session and to everyone’s surprise, one of the member’s spouses stood up to ask a question.
Micky answered calmly and with this People Engagement Practice jumped to the next level – even the extended family of Taction was now aligned with the values.
“Values are more than words, they are a set of pillars to care for and grow on them” Arinder, COO told me later.
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