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Super Santa’s back with a bang in Taction Software again

Super Santa’s back with a bang in Taction Software again

It was a quiet afternoon of 24th December. The weather was fairly mild and dry. Tacteam (Tech savvy Members of Taction) was hooked onto the computers solving problems and fixing bugs after a tummy filling potluck lunch on the occasion of Christmas. With so much variety of dishes to eat from, surely we all ended up with a grand feast. Suddenly the front door opened with a thud and a portly, joyous, white-bearded Santa in a red coat appeared out of the blue who uttered “Ho-Ho-Ho”. Some Bollywood music started to play. The members yelled in excitement “Merry Christmas”.

The atmosphere was incredible, everybody was so cheerful. Christmas cheer was everywhere. Santa posed with each member for special pictures and handed out toffees and chocolates from his pouch and wished everyone “A Merry Christmas”. Oh My God!! Santa really loved to DANCE. He danced to the beats of some great Bollywood songs with each member. Suddenly the Taction premise transformed into a Christmas Wonderland.

It was wholly Santa’s Day, and he followed us to the well decorated first floor hall. The Christmas tree in the grand foyer of the entrance to the hall was decorated with illuminating lights and shining gifts hung all over the branches. The hall was decorated with beautiful red and white balloons and stars. Christmas music warbled through the sound system. With Santa having some exciting Super Powers, the floor was buzzing with activities such as Death by Wink, Treasure Hunt, Musical Chairs, Draw the Santa Blind Folded etc. which brought smiles on each one’s face. Members buzzed with excitement to receive some really interesting Super Powers from Santa like Feel like a Manager, Strategic Lunch, Hit the Theater, Family Time and Tummy Delight. “Wow!!! It’s gonna be a great time”…Members murmured

Now it was time to say Goodbye to Santa but not before he cut the cake with the Birthday Boys and Girls. “Involvement was super, will love to come to Taction AGAIN next year” – Santa’s last words, before he signed off.

We barely caught with Santa (he is very busy granting wishes these days!) for a quick chit-chat:

Q: Santa how did you come up with the idea to Gift such Fantastic Powers?
Santa: “Happiness and Smile”- The HCM team had asked me to gift these powers to the members with this simple motto “contribute to the happiness of Tacteam”

The Christmas is a festival for people to build memories shaped by love, joy, and laughter. What better way to celebrate than to enjoy such a day?

The celebrations were now coming to an end, with the spirit still high till late in the evening.

This is a story of a day when Taction celebrated a day with joy and created memories for the lifetime. Gifts and Powers will linger in our minds and will remind us that “With great power comes great responsibility”- Spiderman

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