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Super Santa invades Taction Floor and made us all dance Till We…

Super Santa invades Taction Floor and made us all dance Till We…

Christmas celebration takes a new turn as Taction witnesses a rare Santa with Extraordinary Powers that he gifts away to members.

It was a dull, foggy and chilly morning. The day saw everyone deep onto their computer monitors busy with their codes and off course deadlines. Few on the floor missed Shikhar as he was on leave, the loudest noise on the floor was the tapping of the keyboards.

It was around 12:00 PM when we actually geared up to have lunch, the main door BANGED OPEN… and someone cried “HO-HO-HO”.

It was the red and white dressed Big Santa with the flowing beard and light behind his back, made the floor drop in shock…pin drop silence. Well, for a second till the jingle bells song started to play…The sun had come up in full shine, the fog outside had vanished and Santa along with the members shouted in one voice MERRY CHRISTMAS!!.

The floor was now a lava of energy, red in color and Santa moved from one desk to another in his own style clicking selfies and giving toffees/chocolates from his big pouch that he carried on his shoulder.

Till someone actually took off his mask…

It was Hemant, who was trying to have a quick jig with Santa and Oh My Boy! This particular Santa really loved to dance (see the short video Santa shot before he came on the floor).

The beard actually came out first and the mask followed and it revealed a dark face with shiny teeth, smiling with little sparkling eyes, It was Shikhar…who had smartly called the day off due to some urgent work at home, “It was an amazing Idea (who wanted to keep this confidential) to surprise the members on the floor and incidentally I was the only eligible one!”

The missing friend was back with a bag full of goodies. Mobiles were put to good use via Pics and Videos, the keyboards fell silent and LIFE took over. The fingers were now counting the toffees rather than counting the days left for the simple Christmas holiday. Suddenly Santa asked everyone to get out of the room in 1..2..10 Seconds Flat …Awww !!

It’s my Day!, He shouted again and we will spend the whole day having Fun, Playing Games and I shall BESTOW upon the LUCKY Few, a SPECIAL POWER that will surely bring a Smile or two on your Faces. We all headed over to the newly acquired floor and to our surprise found it to be well decorated, dressed with a lit up Christmas Tree inviting people to have a group shot, the members tumbled one over another to have their faces first. The camera never clicked a flash as the faces were lit enough with excitement, KHACHAK!! And a bunch of techies was captured with Merry Christmas on their faces…

“Thanks for such a warm welcome, however, it was my day to give you presents and powers, but after seeing your zeal for Christmas I felt so special, “When I entered the floor with jingle bell song playing, it was like a Rockstar entry”- Santa Shikhar.

“It will be a game of Musical chair and the winner shall win the first power I have in my secret pouch. To cut a long chord short, after much tumbling, tugging and the weirdest of music played on the Bluetooth speaker, Simran WON… The lady had fought hard in the chair and the time had come to crown the lady with the first gift from the Super Power Santa”

FAMILY TIME !- You can spend a half day of your choice with your family! I think this is the most sentimental gift I have in my kitty.. Say Hi to the kids and Hello to your spouse! The members were quite dumbfounded. It was the first time in their life they witnessed an organization gifting a “Family Time” to its members.

The claps and the laughter now could be heard from the street!

“Okay, It’s time to make the women on the floor blind” Declared Santa. The Game is a simple one, to draw a Santa on a white Board with a marker all blindfolded, the best drawing will win the next power.

What followed was a laughter circus that made our stomach hurt, unbelievable faces with wacky figure saw Santa grumbling and the floor going bonkers (see pics), the myth stayed even after the floor members tried their best to guide the muffler bound ladies to draw with their voices. The new member Mitanshi won the next super power gift:

TUMMY DELIGHT! What it means is that she would get a meal voucher of her choice any day. “This Christmas is so special for me because Santa blessed me with a SUPER POWER – “Tummy Delight”. Thank You Santa ” – says Mitanshi

The game was over and it was time for the toughest of the tasks – DANCE! The best dancer would win another of the two prizes and the inanimate marble floor just came alive. Talent is a unique thing, it stays hidden till it finds the right window to burst out. The dance numbers saw Seema and Shubham jiving like no other, they flowed with the music and tapped their feet and danced like butterflies.

They won Hit the Theatre & Feel like a Manager! One would get tickets to a movie and another would get three days to spend like a Manager with his own cubicle and stuff.

How cool is that? “Some guys have good moves “- Santa

“When SANTA surprised me with a SUPER POWER I really feel special. Thanks SANTA for SUPER POWER” – says Shubham

“I had never heard about these powers and I am very much excited. Thanks SANTA for giving me SUPER POWER” – says Seema

A smart Santa was adamant that the Hit The theatre has a rider, Santa will have to accompany to watch over!! Free riders are found everywhere.”Thanks for such a warm welcome, however it was my day to give you presents and powers, but after seeing your zeal for Christmas, I felt so special”

“When I entered the Tacteam floor with jingle bell song, playing it was like a Rockstar entry” Everyone participated in the games and activities without knowing that I will give power to them, I felt so happy to see the smiles on the faces when the powers were given to them”- Santa Shikhar

The last round of games was a match of quick wit and speech and Devanshu won a Strategic Lunch: A Food time with the CEO of Taction. And who knows what that butter chicken will bring to the table!!

“There were happy faces everywhere”

Time to say goodbye to Santa but not before he cut the cake with the Birthday Boys and Girls…”Involvement was super, will love to come At Taction AGAIN next year”– Santa’s last words, before he signed off.

We barely caught with Santa(he is very busy granting wishes these days!) for a quick chit-chat:

Q: Santa how in the world did you come up with the idea to Gift such Fantastic Powers?
Santa:Happiness and Smile”- The HCM team had asked me to gift these powers to the members with this simple motto “contribute to the happiness of Tacteam”

I have never seen such huge and delicious burgers! The snack time was never ending with the Rolls, Noodles and the Cakes in abundance! Santa had his fill, “I am a foodie, so they offered me such amazing food”. The celebrations were now coming to an end, with the spirit still high, but all the carbs, made people feel sleepy. The pics were shared and new ones were clicked, the charge refused to die down till late in the evening.

This is a story of a day when Taction celebrated a day with joy and created memories for a lifetime. Gifts and Powers that will linger in our minds and remind us that ”With great power comes great responsibility”- Spiderman

Merry Christmas to you & your loved ones.

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