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E-Marketing Integration


E-Marketing Integration

SugarCRM MailChimp Integration: Benefits of Email Marketing Integration

The competitive business landscape of today is making it tough for the business owners to maintain the critical business data, manage clients, users and leads, and most importantly generate business at the same time. The business workflows have become very complex to maintain. Majority of the businesses, especially the medium to the small size of enterprises struggle to align their business pace with the market along with managing the critical aspects of their enterprise in parallel.

A good customer relationship management tool like SugarCRM and an email marketing tool can do that for the enterprises and help them with their business processes and all aspects of their business operations seamlessly. Also, for automating your email marketing and email campaigns, which is the major and most important marketing strategy for any organization is utmost important. A good email automation tool like MailChimp is very important to adopt for enterprises to grow exponentially in the market.

Why integrate SugarCRM and MailChimp?

Being one of the largest open source customer management tool, SugarCRM needs no introduction. Businesses can gain market insights, build the effective customer base, generate leads that work, build a flawless customer relationship, take business decisions with best of the insights and build customer loyalty in no time with SugarCRM.

MailChimp is a highly efficient email automation tool which helps organizations designing Email Campaigns and launching them with minimum effort, automate email campaigns, preview and test inboxes prior to an email campaign release, Geo-targeting location based Email campaigns, automate the release of newsletters, adding RSS feed to the emails sent to customers and many more.

Enterprises used to manage these two tools separately before and that was fine with simple business workflows and the limited number of user and customers. But, when the businesses start to grow, the market is becoming cut-throat competitive, managing accounts separately for both of these tools was becoming impossible due to raised number of human errors.

Therefore, a solution was needed to combine these two tools to make them work together with the less manual job to manage and enter the critical business data into the system. SugarCRM and MailChimp integration module was released in 2016 which is bi-directional. Though this module, these two powerful tools could be integrated completely and seamlessly.

Features of SugarCRM and MailChimp integration

The main feature of the SugarCRM and MailChimp integration is the integration of its data. It can sync the leads, contacts and customer accounts for both the tools so that they can be managed error-free. Also, it does not have any restriction on the number of contacts or features, which is great for any business tool to have. Following are some important features of the SugarCRM integration

  • User Groups or field groupings that are created in SugarCRM can also be mapped and synced in MailChimp through this.
  • All the leads, modules, contacts or accounts can be synced to the MailChimp Account from the SugarCRM account. Most importantly, you can choose whether you want to sync all of it, or sync only selected stuff for both the tools using “Sync selected records?” field in MailChimp. If the value is set as ‘Yes’, it will allow users to sync selected records only.
  • A very important feature of the SugarCRM and MailChimp integration is the activity log and notification. Any update, deletion or addition done in the integrated modules/records of the SugarCRM and MailChimp are recorded in logs. Also, notifications are sent to the users for each of the activities.
  • Conditions and workflows can be used for adding records as per the business requirements.
  • Widgets like “Campaign Module Detail View Widget” or “Contacts Detail View Widget” etc. are used to show Campaign Summary or Member Summary etc. on the campaigns.
  • OptIn mails can be sent to the new users of SugarCRM using the setting of OptIn mail in MailChimp.

Benefits of SugarCRM and MailChimp Integration

To overcome the redundant data and human errors in maintaining the records for both SugarCRM and MailChimp in an organization, it is necessary to have this highly efficient integration module. Businesses can benefit from mapping the lists to the Leads, Contacts or accounts without having them entered manually. This reduces the effort and costs of the business drastically. SugarCRM and MailChimp integration is easy to install, upgrade and maintain.

Logs for any action done on MailChimp or SugarCRM on the integrated modules are recorded for reference so that it is easy to track changes. Also, the users are notified about the changes every time. Businesses also can configure automatic emails for letting the clients know about the changes into the systems easily with it. With this integration, MailChimp acts as a control panel from which you can control your email marketing and automate your campaigns through the SugarCRM business-critical data.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and sharing your views with your customers are important for staying ahead in the competition. For that, it is necessary to connect your CRM with your email campaigns and newsletters to help your customers to connect with your business improving customer loyalty and profitability to a great extent.

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