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Strategic Lunch with the CXOs

Strategic Lunch with the CXOs

The spoon just slipped from Devanshu’s hand as he started with the first rice scoop and actually mixed it with the tangy onion salad, he aimed for the “Butter Chicken”.

Shikhar accidentally spilled the chutney on his pants. It was a nervous moment for the first timers with the CXO’s, having an elaborate lunch. Moments like this does make you feel “butterflies in stomach”, and it’s human to be so.

How it ended is something of a story, read on…

The chosen D-day was a surprise, the “strategic lunch” was a part of the reward program organized by the HCM team and the members were chosen as Winners of member engagement event who won the reward – “Day with the CXO’s called Strategic Lunch”.

Why strategic lunch? Simply put, a way for the top leadership to get to know their team members, it’s a cultural thing with the Taction people, a value that the organization holds very close to their hearts, in this case their appetite – KNOW THE PEOPLE! The elaborate lunch included dishes of all sorts and or to put in other words, it displayed the diversity of Taction.

“It was my pleasure to get a chance to sit with Taction’s top leadership on my strategic lunch with extraordinary food and had a great interaction with the LEADERS and the delicious food felt like an added bonus . It simply feels superb” – Devanshu

“One fine day HCM team member came to me and told me that no need to bring your lunch tomorrow as you will be having strategic lunch with the leadership group. And that moment I was like have I done something wrong or is it my appraisal day? The next day I came with lots of anxiety and rightly so, because it was my first lunch with the core leadership.

The lunch started and I was blank because I didn’t know what to talk, but as the ice was broken I really had a opportunity to discuss my goals, my future with the core team. I also got the opportunity to know more about Taction’s LOB’s.

Overall it was amazing lunch with lots of tasty food and lots of thought sharing. Would love to have this lunch anytime in the near future” – Shikhar

“A Lunch with the CEO program was designed to improve communication between an organization’s top leadership and an important group of stakeholders, the organization’s team members.The intent behind this program was to give an opportunity to team members to know some strategic thought process while directly interacting with top leadership including CXO’s. This definitely helps in improving their morale, drives transparency and builds loyalty and trust with the brand. It also gives a platform for the leadership group to know more about the team and helps in building confidence amongst the group”Micky Chopra, HCM Team

The lunch was more than the tasty dishes and casual talks of Dreams, Aspirations, Growth and Vision. The lunch ended on both sides hungry for more. More Feedback, Energy, Excitement and a clear future to gorge on…

Stay tuned for more engagement events between the members and the leadership.

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