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Salesforce vs Zoho vs SugarCRM vs Custom CRM: Which One best For Your Business?


Salesforce vs Zoho vs SugarCRM vs Custom CRM: Which One best For Your Business?

When it comes to a successful business running, it would be wise to mention that Customer Relationship Management software plays a crucial role. Best CRM Software can help you automate your sales as well as marketing related activities. What comes as a noting fact is that you can track your business deals, real-time business updates and can generate reports on a regular basis. When it comes to top-performing & best CRM for the travel industry, there are few giants such as Zoho vs Salesforce vs SugarCRM.

Zoho is one of the best Customer Relationship Management software currently in the market offering state of the art business-oriented features. The platform was launched in the fiscal year 2006 and since then it’s mainly catering to small businesses. Salesforce is one of the oldest CRM software and is used by lakhs of businesses around the world. SugarCRM has made its mark in the market due to its SugarCRM customization features. The platform currently offers its services in over 120 countries and in over 25 different languages.

Goals of a CRM System?

When a business has dedicated Customer Relationship Management software, one can achieve a higher return on investment and thus, higher sales. Do you know you can expect an ROI of 500% on your every buck you spend on CRM? Customer Relationship Management software is responsible for catering aspects such as:

  • increasing sales
  • increasing the retention factor with customers
  • improving customer support
  • saving the organization’s time and resource

Let’s move ahead and compare the above-mentioned CRM software:

  • Price & Subscriptions:

You can make use of Zoho for free if you’re a start-up and has no more than 10 users. The company offers a standard edition for small corporates which have a higher number of users starting from $12 per user per month. When it comes to large organizations, they can subscribe to Zoho services with a plan of $35 per user per month. Talking about the all-in-one solution, the ultimate edition of Zoho is being offered at $100 per user per month around the world.

Salesforce maintains four discreet packages for its users. The basic edition is termed as lightning essential and is priced at $25 per user per month. For professionals, the price cap has been set at $75 per user per month. If you’re an enterprise or want an unlimited access to Salesforce CRM services and all features, you can subscribe to their $150 and $300 USD plan for per user on monthly basis, respectively.

SugarCRM has only three but dedicated editions for their Customer Relationship Management offerings. The basic plan of SugarCRM starts with $40 user per month, this package comprises of sales automation, reporting, lead management and more. The Enterprise variant of SugarCRM consists of features such as 24*7 customer support, forecast options and more. The ultimate version has been priced at $150 per user every month. This version can offer you services such as private cloud, your very own technical manager and basic operations as well.

CRM Name

Subscription Plan/User/Month

SugarCRM Professional($40) Enterprise($65) Ultimate($150)
Salesforce Essentials($25) Professional($75) Enterprise($150) Unlimited($300)
  • Workflow, Operability and Report Management:

Zoho offers an intuitive and simple user-interface with a point and clicks type dashboard. Anybody from a naive user to a professional can make use of Zoho for services such as automated email sending, task assignment, report generation which would comprise information regarding all company activities.

SugarCRM not only provides an unparalleled automation of tasks, but you can also even get notified about each and every business activity. When it comes to forming reports with dedicated filters, SugarCRM can help you do just that. Share company’s updates and reports with your peers and concerned departments with added ease, now. Does SugarCRM integrate with QuickBooks? Well, the two software packages can be integrated to streamline business operations as well as minimizing the redundant work.

Looking forward to getting access to intelligible reports regarding each and every business action? Salesforce Customer Relationship Management can enable different departments in the same organization to customize the reports as per the demands. Apart from that, you can achieve data centralization. You can even leverage the services provided by Salesforce CRM for a better management of marketing campaigns and work with different prospects.

Custom CRM Software:

We understand that the management of business operations is not an easy affair. We make the same effective, productive as well as easy for our clients through our CRM support. The company has emerged as the best CRM software development company in the region with years of experience and availability of ready to use CRM solutions for all kinds of businesses. Today, businesses have realized CRM solutions as their necessity.

Making CRM more compatible, optimized for organizations around the world is what we like to do. While keeping your custom CRM development cost under check, we can help you build your own CRM system with the right set of technologies and our decision-making abilities. Taction Software can be your pick for extending business utility with CRM.

CRM Customization:

It’s obvious that one size doesn’t fit everybody. Similarly, it’s not necessary that a CRM technology would suffice to your requirements always. experts can help you connect the dots by providing all the missing features. Unlock your access to CRM solutions that are specifically customized for you.

CRM Portal & App Development:

Now develop CRM portals which are fully compatible with all sorts of website platforms. In simpler terms, our developers can develop and offer dedicated CRM plugins for your websites. Also, we can help you develop personalized apps which can work in sync amidst CRM software and your system. The solutions delivered are fully compatible with smartphones.

CRM Integration & Deployment:

Looking forward to integrating your current CRM software with any business application? Taction Software is the one stop solution for your requirement. Our developers can help you with CRM deployment to your system. We can take care of your CRM data in a most concise manner and can further integrate the same with other devices and tools.

Every CRM software has some distinguishing features according to development. Such as Someone has better sales pipeline features and another has better workflow management features. But we do not get all the facilities in pre-built CRM systems only.

Like if your business needs better sales pipeline and workflow management system then you will need to buy two separate CRM Subscription for both works. Which will not be good in financial and managerial matters. Therefore, you need a hybrid or custom CRM system that fulfills all your needs in one place. It is an on-demand development process work on as your requirements and demand. Taction is the best place where you can find full-featured customize CRM Software development services at affordable price rate.

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