SaaS applications

Software as a Service

Why do Industries Love to Invest in SaaS Applications? Investors amidst an array of industries love to place their money in businesses which are reputable and encompass a potential for growth. SaaS (Software as a Service) domain is emerging as the fastest-growing industry offering revenue, reliability, and predictability. Gone are
How Does EHR Impact On Patient Care? It would be evident to mention that our world constantly revolves around the digital information. Electronic Health Record (EHR) has emerged as a natural extension to the essential medical industry.  An EHR has significantly impacted the way medical care was delivered to the
Advantage of tourism CRM

CRM For Tourism

7 Reasons Why Tourism Business Needs Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Software In lieu of factors such as intensifying competition and inevitable customer demand, enterprises around the world are making every effort to make their business operations more efficient and corporal. As far as the tourism or hospitality industry is concerned, we
email marketing integration
SugarCRM MailChimp Integration: Benefits of Email Marketing Integration The competitive business landscape of today is making it tough for the business owners to maintain the critical business data, manage clients, users and leads, and most importantly generate business at the same time. The business workflows have become very complex to
acquire customers
CRM – How to Acquire And Retain New Customer? What comes as a noting fact is that without a dedicated CRM system in place, over 79% of marketing leads are never transformed into sales. Today, the channels that businesses used to communicate with potential customers have changed. Gone are the