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Innovation Day

Innovation Day

“CRUNCH SERIES” – Think…Innovate…Execute…

A Unique event to Create that special “Out Of The Box” thinking territory for its team members (Tacteam).

The Culture of Appreciating and Celebrating the organization value – “Innovation”

Taction Software, Noida, Feb 16, 2016 – Taction Software LLC, a global consulting, technology and outsourcing company came together to organize an event for its members to think Creative, be Innovative and Execute a solution for business problems right on their desktops.

Feb 16 is celebrated as the “Innovation Day” all over the globe, a special day to appreciate and acknowledge the “creative side of the human being”. Innovation is also the most critical value of Taction, a value it holds very dear as Organizational Culture.

“We strive to build a culture of out-of-the-box thinking” – an important pillar of sustained growth and the building block of organizational value system.

Taking this founding principle forward, Taction celebrated the Technology based Event with its members called “CRUNCH SERIES”, an event where the members were encouraged to provide a practical solution to various Business Problems, using their choice of tools, software’s and standards via Process Flows, Prototypes, Code, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, DB Designs etc.

The Context – Creating that “Special Space”

The problem solving event for its members gave them the opportunity to engage themselves to do what they love the most i.e. Imagine new and better ways to come up with creative business technology driven solution and share their knowledge with the group.

The event was kicked off on our internal social platform “Yammer” With the business problems shared a day before, the members were encouraged to energize their gray cells to come up with an innovative/creative solutions and execute it individually or in a group.

The D-Day!! Astounding teamwork & practical solutions…

The morning of Feb 16, saw the floor bustling with activities on a cerebral level, one could witness individual or groups actively engaged in discussions and reference cross checking.

The choice of problem objectives ranged from:

• An App, that rewards a user on completion of certain milestone/goals
• A Web platform for internal members to collaborate on various aspects
• A Social Media App to manage individual social media participation effectively

The time was limited to 3 hrs, and it helped the members to come up with innovative solutions and execute it, on the fly. The day ended with 100% response, as expected.

The Result – Appreciation in the form of implementation

The result was amazing and much beyond expectations. The members came up with business solutions that were Practical, Realistic, Out of the Box and execution levels were of high standards. The day saw members using various mediums like process flows, concept note, test scenarios, DB designs etc. for business solution.

One of the solutions to the internal web application business problem was considered to be executed and implemented thus encouraging the technology team to think Creative and Out of the Box.

In the words of Mr. PranabJyoti Das, CEO, Taction

“I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all of you for participating in the Innovation Day event with full enthusiasm. Though, learning is a continuous process and we learn something new from every day-to-day activity, the event must have expanded our knowledge with a swing. Some of you may be having slight headache, but don’t worry that is due to use of either the inactive or new brain cells.”

Further, he adds, “you should really acknowledge yourself for accomplishing the outcomes… the project ideas, new tools and techniques, the team spirit, the scheduled orientation…, crossing the boundaries of technology and tools, revision of the “Open Source Software” space – remembering not to re-invent the wheel and many more… the list is really long.

Let’s look forward to similar learning and knowledge sharing sessions soon in the future and keep the Organization Value INNOVATION live all the time.

Once again, Congratulations for the spirit and learning!!! ”

Special Thanks to the HCM team, Technology Heads and the Internal communication team for Conceptualizing and Organizing the event that lead to an astounding success.

For more details you can mail us at info@tactionsoftware.com

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