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Celebrating “Sparkle The Smile” – Festival of Lights

Celebrating “Sparkle The Smile” – Festival of Lights

Taction, a global consulting, technology and outsourcing company celebrated the Festival of Lights “Diwali”, a victory of good (refers to knowledge) over the evil (refers to unawareness) with great zeal & warmth. Sharing joy and happiness it is a festival of wealth and prosperity. Celebrations started with female members lighting the Diyas in a traditional way to signify and pray for the bright future for everyone.

The entire office, wore a bright and colorful look decked in flowers and lights everywhere. The celebration spirit was in the air and the complete environment was buzzing with loud cheers, happiness and smiles. It was time to showcase beautiful Rangolis and decorating them with elegance of Diyas across the two floors. Members mingled with each other and tried their hands to celebrate creativity by decorating the office and their cubicles. Living the tradition was the theme and members were dressed in unique traditional Indian outfit and the ‘best dressed male’ and the ‘best dressed female’ were chosen out of them.

Fun and Excitement were at the peak when various games and activities were lined up for the jovial members of Taction (Tacteam). Childhood memories were relieved by organizing a small Diwali Mela. Games like ‘Hupla Dupla’, ‘Afro Star’, ‘Strubles’, ‘The Cotton Game’ & many more constantly pulled the crowd. And this was still not over, as Tacteam was glued and waiting for special game of Tambola and fun filled Antakshari which saw members jumping in joy and all smiles. The premise broke into one big dance floor as people swayed to the energetic tracks. Snacks party with cake cutting ceremony added to the richness of the fest. Members wished each other “success and prosperity” and gifts with sweets/cookies were distributed to each member of the Taction family. Everybody loved the day and enjoyed the celebration to the fullest.

Oh what a spectacular Diwali it has been…

Wishing You All a Very Happy & Prosperous Diwali

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