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Celebrating “HindEJashn” – 70th Independence Day

Celebrating “HindEJashn” – 70th Independence Day

It was a Special Day and everybody was looking fresh & were dressed in traditional Indian attire ! The Independence day celebrations at Taction saw the floor buzzing around all over…

Celebrations started with the Tacteam (Taction Members) Hoisting the National Flag along with some really very special guests. The specially invited guests were children belonging to the less privileged class (from nearby slums). Taction had decided to celebrate this 70th Independence day with the children as part of its ongoing social activities. They along with Tacteam saw our Tricolor flying High and sang the National Anthem with pride and joy which energized the whole crowd. The value of freedom and its responsibility were some of the things discussed between the children and the Tacteam.

Then came the moment of the day for children, as it was time for some fun games including musical chair. It was such a treat to watch as the young souls who fought hard to grab the last chair when the music stopped. The upbeat music and the the sporting spirit made the hall jump up and clap at every movement of the special guests.

BIG SMILES came when the participants were given goodies and the Winner was awarded a special Prize. It was such a joy to see Guests of Honor(s) enjoying themselves with the Tacteam with sparkling eyes and exploring a world that they only hoped to be in someday !!

With the whole of Tacteam thanking special guests to spend their time with them, it was time to say Good Bye to them.

Then came another unique event which Tacteam had been planning for sometime. It was a social video conceptualized, directed and acted by members themselves. Tacteam snatched little time that they had from their busy schedule to write the script and shoot themselves. A clear and powerful message was communicated to change our habits and take small actions that have long lasting impact. Freedom from filth, dirt and pollution was what the Tacteam believed and what better medium to voice their opinion than the motion picture.

“Clean and Healthy Nation Imparts Happy and Developed Nation” – Tacteam

Of course.. It was on the issue very relevant in today’s time and specially after the rains unleashed its terrible fury on the clogged roads –

The video was shot of extempore fashion, dialogue was unscripted and members were asked to voice their opinion with their heart out and submit their own mobile video (clips) to illustrate the point, all under a single theme

What is Religion? Tacteam presented a short play on the topic of religious tolerance. The powerfully delivered presentation ended with a two minute silence, a three minute clapping session. There were other short plays all scripted and ideated by the members on various topics that touch our everyday life like correct behavior (while travelling by public transport) and women empowerment. Each one of them was hitting hard with his theme and presentation, forcing even the casual watcher to think hard not only about his external world but also his own behavior and actions.

How can an Independence day be complete without some patriotic poetry and songs. From the time of India’s freedom struggle, the poets and singers have been playing a crucial role in binding the conscious of the citizen to one objective. Tacteam presented their compositions.The poems brought out the patriotism in each one of us and made us enjoy the significance of this special day.

Hold On .. the Celebration doesn’t stop here !!

Now for some knowledge testing, how well we know our Country …

The quiz started in a high note as the teams competed against each other under strict rules to answer the questions based on India’s history and freedom struggle. The result was quite astonishing as the master programmers and coders gave correct answers on the facts about the freedom struggle movement and history of India and we all gained an insights and rare knowledge from it.

The day ended reluctantly with yummy nourishment, few of the children stayed back to see how a corporate floor mixes pleasure with work. Taction ended the celebrations with a promise to make our country proud, and with a hope that we would be helped by the future generations from all walks of life.

Jai Hind !!

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