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Best PHP Framework


Best PHP Framework

Which Framework is Best for PHP Development?

It would be evident to mention that as a server-side programming language, PHP has seen significant growth in the last few years. Well, the credit for PHP’s popularity goes to its ability to handle complex applications in a fast and secure manner. What comes as a noting fact is that the websites which have deployed and are using PHP frameworks have continuously made the site highly responsive. The backend development done on PHP frameworks is one of the most secure, scalable and effortless to maintain.

There is a non-exhaustive array of PHP frameworks in the marketplace today. A PHP framework is nothing but a universal tool that can be utilized for building amazing web apps as well as websites in accordance with varying sizes and complexities. Developers around the world can easily implement standardized web solutions by leveraging a library of code base provided by PHP frameworks. Moreover, developers aren’t required to write the same code for every page of the website or application.

The ideal PHP framework development tools for 2019 must encompass the following abilities:

  • It should be efficient
  • Support for server-side scripting codes must be there in order to be usable on all operating systems
  • PHP framework should be implemented on CGI or even CLI
  • Faster web development by application of the reusable & maintainable code
  • PHP frameworks are advised to follow the Model View Controller paradigm

Let’s talk about some of the most high-grade & well-maintained PHP frameworks which are ideal for development.

1. Laravel

Laravel development tool is used to develop rich web apps and websites by core businesses. It’s one of the most popular and highly used PHP frameworks in the marketplace. The framework comes pre-packed with native PHP support. Also, Laravel encompasses restful routing and several other potential & innovative development features. Some of the popular features of Laravel framework are high levels of security, giant developer base, server overhead is low as well, robust tool integration as well as seamless data migration.

Features of Laravel Framework:

  • Create amazing application layouts using dynamic content seeding.
  • Laravel is the most insightful ORM(Object Relational Mapping) with easy PHP active record implementation.
  • Laravel allowing better documentation, improving the performance, and has multiple built-in functions.

2. CakePHP

If you’re looking forward to learning a PHP framework, CakePHP can be your pick. The tool is based on the CRUD (create, read, update & delete) framework. CakePHP is one of the easiest frameworks to learn in lieu of the facts such as it’s open source, it’s agile and the compatibility is superior as well. Also, it costs less to develop in CakePHP, users can also get access to an easier database administration, thus it’s a piece of cake to code in CakePHP.

Features of CakePHP

  • Easy Installation & Customizable features.
  • CakePHP provides flexible data validation process.
  • Easily extend with Components, Helpers, Behaviours and Plugins.

3. Yii

One of the most flexible and light PHP frameworks in the market is Yii. Easy to install and deploy, you can get Yii up and running in no time. The best thing? Yii is compatible with a majority of testing frameworks. Therefore, developers around the world can make it possible to develop websites faster and without many bugs. Yii is solely based on the object-oriented framework. It’s worth noting that Yii is suitable for only those developers who don’t rely on the full stack for the purpose of writing code.

Features of Yii

  • Highly extensible and modern technologies.
  • Effectively using PHP 5 exception mechanism.

4. Symfony

Symfony holds the title of the most scalable PHP framework. The maintenance is next to minimum and web development can happen much faster. One of the top-notch benefits that come handy with Symfony framework is around the clock support for Translation, Templating, Testing, Validation and much more.

Features of Symfony

  • High-performance PHP framework
  • Model-View-Controller(MVC) based system
  • Code reusable and easier to maintain
  • Full-featured database classes with support for
  • Symfony supports a huge and active community
  • Set of decoupled and reusable components
  • Standardization and interoperability of applications
  • Security against cross-site request forgery and other

5. Zend

With qualities such as lightweight, feature rich, easy to deploy and migrate to, Zend has emerged as a popular PHP framework for dynamic web development task. Zend is easy to learn and can easily be mastered. Also, since it’s based on object-oriented programming, you can observe consistency in the Zend’s code design. Zend is completely an open source framework, hence it’ free of cost. Flexible architecture, higher productivity, rapid development are the perks of Zend.

Features of Zend

  • The object-oriented web application framework
  • Advanced MVC implementation
  • Supports multi-databases including PostgreSQL.
  • Flexible URI Routing
  • Zend framework support Data encryption
  • Zend provides RESTful API development support.

6. Codeigniter

There aren’t any restrictive coding rules if you’re using Codeigniter. The PHP framework comes handy with nearly zero configuration. There is also an absence of large-scale monolithic libraries. You might also not need any template language with Codeigniter. Other exclusive features are higher levels of security for your site and support for modern web development practices such as OOP are also rendered.

Features of Codeigniter

  • Model-View-Controller(MVC) Based System
  • Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms.
  • Query Builder Database Support
  • Form and Data Validation
  • Email Sending Class. Supports Attachments, HTML/Text email, multiple protocols (Sendmail, SMTP, and Mail) and more.
  • Support for Hooks and Class Extensions

Which is The Best PHP Framework for Application Development?

Now that we know what PHP frameworks are what is their significance, it’s of utmost importance to pick the right one for your job. Zend can be your out of the box pick as the Best PHP framework, thus can be acquired for free and can be used as per your specific web and PHP application development needs.

Why Zend Framework Best For PHP?

In a world where web development has become the topmost priority of major businesses to allow them to expand into the untapped market that is the internet, websites and online presence are what counts the most. Web pages for ages where confined to HTML which though was revolutionary in the early days of the internet have since stagnated and become too plain for the modern day internet savvy population.

This is where PHP or Hypertext Pre-Processor comes into the picture. PHP is a server-side scripting language that makes it easier for your browser and computer to generate desired results from servers. PHP gets executed on the server, hence the server side language tag, and sends the results to your browser making your web experience faster and immersive.

The advantages of PHP offer is what has led to some of the biggest websites and companies on the internet using PHP for their online operations. From being the fastest tool available to create databases to be highly compatible with HTML allowing it to be embedded into the HTML code, PHP gives web developers the freedom to create dynamic websites in a short period of time.

The language is free, gets regular updates, has over hundreds of millions of packages that can be used for website and database development and can be used to create complex and large websites. PHP is widely used by forums, image hosting sites and any website which needs to use a large database because of the speed at which it allows the user and the system to retrieve data.

Advantages of Zend PHP:

1. Open Source

The language is open source giving the community the opportunity to constantly add to the already existing packages. It gives people the opportunity to easily collaborate with each other and the library itself is maintained by PHP developers all around the world.

2. Ease of learning

PHP uses syntax similar to C making it incredibly easy to pick up and learn and programmer friendly at the same it capable of completing complex tasks.

3. Faster than its competition

PHP is known for its blindingly fast processing speeds. Developers prefer PHP because of how fast they can get the work done and even work on complex problems with incredible speed. One of the key features of PHP is its ability to handle large amounts of traffic and keep website operations smooth for its users.

4. Compatibility

The language is compatible with all major operating systems and supports all major servers like Apache and Netscape. This significantly brings down costs as developers can simply go for open source servers and operating systems for development as whatever they develop will be compatible with the paid servers and operating systems. It also supports all other database management systems like SQL, MySQL, and Oracle, etc.

5. Updates

Since the language is open source and its libraries are maintained by a large number of PHP developers from around the world, the framework gets constant updates with millions of programmers adding something new every day and fixing what’s wrong at the same time making it a community effort that sees the language remain updated with the latest of coding trends.

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