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Best Free CRM 2019


Best Free CRM 2019

Top 10 Best CRM Software for Small Businesses & Startup

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software helps the companies to handle their connections with their existing as well as probable consumers. It keeps a close eye on the customer’s history and analyses it to lure out data which can help the company improve the business relationship with the clients and achieve increased growth rate. Let us discuss some of the top 10 free CRM Software for SMEs and Startup that can actually help you improve your client relations and provide your company with increased sales.

Top 10 Best CRM Software for Small Business:

No.1 SuiteCRM:

SuiteCRM is really popular and one of the most common customer relationship management systems developed by Sugar CRM. The best part about SuiteCRM is that is if free of cost and along with being free open sourced crm. Suite CRM came into action when Sugar CRM stopped developing its very own version of an open source CRM system. SuiteCRM was built on the base structure of the last release of the SugarCRM, however, contains a lot of extended security systems that had not been upgraded in Sugar CRM.

Right now, over 4 million organization and individuals have been using this great application. Become one and boost up your sales and marketing through this exceptional CRM application.

No.2 HubSpot CRM:

HubSpot CRM an award winning and one of the leading and rapidly growing CRM systems available in the market. HubSpot is really famous for its sales driven platform that allows the sales division to implement the CRM system in their work without getting affected with their existing workflow. It provides you with a personalized dashboard which allows you to get an update regarding the entire sales tunnel up to the current moment. Not only that, this smart CRM system tracks down all the customer interaction at one single place, had it happened through any means of communication.

And guess what, all of these above mentioned great functionalities are provided to the users without any cost. This great application is free crm for nonprofits and is expected to remain so for the days to come. You can easily sign up right now and get going towards boosting up your sales.

No.3 Freshsales:

Reaching up to your expected sales can really be a tough task, and thinking about growing your sales index even further? Ever more tough. However, the CRM developed by Freshsales not only provides you with a great platform to handle all the sales related issues from one single platform. This does not only allows keeping a track of each and every single thing but also saves you a lot of time.

Freshsales allows you to handle a lot of stuff from one single platform such as making calls, tracking any kind of leads, sending emails, down tracking your sales funnel, creating reports and even implementing repetitive actions automatically. Moreover, you can get a download free crm for a 21-day trial to get a hand of the application and know its capability in helping you grow your organization.

No.4 Zoho CRM:

Considered to be one of the most user-friendly and customizable CRM systems available in the market, Zoho CRM has been helping out a number of small as well as big businesses to grow their sales and make their lives easy though providing this platform. Zoho provides you with an overall view of your ongoing business. It also helps you to keep track of all the important sales opportunities that might prevail. Some of the customers of Zoho have witnessed a growth in their conversation rates to up to 300%, which is pretty mind-blowing.

Not only that, a 41% increase in the revenue increase per individual sales person and a 21% increase in the number of customers staying back to the company due to the improved marketing and sales skills through using this CRM application.

Not only this, Zoho helps you decrease your sales and marketing spending to up to 23% which can actually be used up to boost up your sales and achieve bigger goals. You can try out Zoho today free of cost ad become a paid member if it seems to help you and your business in appositive way.

No.5 Bitrix24:

Brixitx24 is a great CRM system which provides you with a number of great functionalities such as a great communication system which allows you to track down all the active streams, create and manage group chats, handling work groups and organizing the calendar. You can also track down the time required and utilized for each activity, along with helping you in workload distribution.

Along with the above-mentioned functions, this great CRM application helps you boost your conversion rates and provide all your customers with an improved service, at no cost at all. Brixitx24 also provides all its users with an active support system which is ready to help you out at any given moment regarding any given issue.

You can contact them easily and receive a meaningful response or a solution to your prevailing issue. It also helps you to showcase your business on beautiful landing pages which can help boost up your sales, alongside reducing your marketing budget.

No.6 Revamp CRM:

Revamp CRM is indeed a great platform which can help out small as well as medium businesses in learning so as to how to increase their sales and retain more customers. It provides you with all the required tools through its very own customized platform. It can help you track all your business related activities, ongoing as well as pending deals record, and the orders.

It helps you to manage an interaction with your existing as well as probable clients through several different communication means such as the email and the social media.

It also manages the workflow for you alongside doing all the above-mentioned activities. It also provides you with a number of tools which can be used through your portable devices so that you can track all your business activities on the go. Also, the security system provided by Revamp keeps all your data safe and secure without any input from other platforms.

No.7 eWay-CRM:

One of the best CRM Software for Outlook, it helps you to manage all your contact and communication strings, all through one single platform. It also helps you to manage and attract any kin fog prevailing business opportunities that might help your business grow and bring about an increase in the overall sales. It also can help you out in structuring the workflow and keeping all your documents organized at one single place.

This will not only allow you to find them easily whenever required but also will prevent any kind of potential issues that may prevail in an unorganized system.

This great system can also automate all your marketing activities, the feedback of which can also be achieved through the same platform, which can actually help you a lot in improving your business strategies and grow along with the market.

No.8 Insightly:

Insightly helps you to grow your business at an increased rate by allowing you to develop a stronger customer relation, and helping you to comply with all your deliverables on time, every time! It helps you to close down on all the ongoing deals at a faster rate through automated workload distribution.

It allows you to get in touch with more probable customers through relationship links, alongside automatically converting the ongoing deals into a final project. Moreover, it will not affect the current structuring of your business strategies.

You can easily remain connected to all your means and application that you have already been using and integrate them with this great system which can help you boost your marketing as well as the sales. You can sign in right now for a crm software free trial and demand for a quote later if the system seems to be working out fine for your business.

No.9 AgileCRM:

Agile CRM help you to learn to organize your marketing and sales strategies like a successful business giant. It is an all-in-one platform which provides you with all the required tools through one single system. It allows you to automate all your sales, along with managing and automating all the repetitive marketing needs.

Moreover, it prevents your data from getting leaked and enables a consistent and effective connection streak with your existing as well as future clients. The best part about Agile is that it is highly affordable and fixes in the best for small growing businesses which wish to achieve increased conversion rates. Moreover, it provides you with all the required services alongside a great support system all at this affordable pricing.

Another great thing about Agile CRM is that it provides you with a cloud computed SaaS system which provides you with improved speed, easy accessibility on your portable devices, as well as an easy to use and simple user interface. It allows you to control all your business related streams all through one single platform.

No.10 Streak:

The Streak CRM system helps you to customize a great platform for your team, irrespective of your kind of work. Moreover, it is as easy as creating and managing a spreadsheet. It creates an automated interaction stream for all your communications so that you get a notification instantly when any conversation makes a move. Moreover, it sets you up with reminders to keep a hand on all the respective marketing strategies which will keep you in touch with your customers.

The G Suite integrations which take place right inside your Gmail inbox allows you to collect all your data and utilize it effectively in growing your business. Streak helps you to automatically share emails and all the other required contact details with your team members so that everyone keeps connected and start right back from where the work was left off. Moreover, it provides you with an array of great tools which can be effectively incorporated in your connectivity system and bring about a positive impact on your interactions with your clients.

Which is the best CRM software for small business?

Due to the endless number of application pouring in the market a small growing business might get confused in picking the best out of that litter. However, the above-mentioned systems are among the best ones that are available in the market and would fulfill all your needs. You can pick up the one that best suits all your requirements and would help you and your teams grow at a progressive rate. However, we have picked up our favorite one from the above-mentioned list and putting it forward for your small business to try out and make the best out of it. You may also sort of trying out free crm for real estate if you are in the real estate business.

SuiteCRM: As per your observations, SuiteCRM would be one of the best CRM systems to start off with for a small business. Moreover, not only is it free open source crm software for small business but also in corporate years of research and hard work which had been put in while developing the SugarCRM which in itself had been a really successful application.


Moreover, the security system provided by SuiteCRM incorporates some of the best strategies which can prevent your data from leaking out and creating troublesome situations for you and your business. Just try out this great system and let us have your feedback on the same.

The use of best free crm for startups in boosting up sales and improving your marketing strategies, alongside managing all your communications and interacting in more effective ways with the customers has become really important in this competitive world, not only to keep in line with all the competitors but to stand out from the crowd. Using the above mentioned CRM systems effectively would not only simplify your daily work but also provide your small business with an improved conversion rate which would help your sales grow in a positive way Let us know your feedback once you start using one of the above mentioned CRM systems and let us know how they worked out for you.

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