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Healthcare software solutions


Taction’s Healthcare IT experts help you create compliance based value driven healthcare software solutions to accelerate innovation in cutting-edge healthcare technology projects. Our Healthcare IT solutions follows robust delivery model that enable businesses to leverage the latest technology to enhance wellness and improve patient care. With our customized solutions, we have the capacity and competence to match your technology needs to automate Healthcare Clinical processes, Billing Reconciliation, CCD / ICD / CPT coding and mapping, Appointment Scheduling and Reminder Management, Lab Integration, Pharmacy Integration, Hospital and Clinics Integration sharing real-time appointment, clinical and billing information. Whether you are in need of healthcare software solution or just looking to augment a team of skilled developers, our experts help you to drive business performance throughout your organization.


E-Prescription / Surescripts

Allscripts Integration

Health Information Exchange (HIE)


Lab & Pharmacy Management

Mirth Connect / HL7

Clinic & Hospital Management

Healthcare CRM


Taction’s Healthcare IT integration, development and implementation experts are compliant to regulatory standards set under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We provide HITECH’s Meaningful Use Stage 1 and 2 (MU-1 & MU-2) certification consulting services as well as integration services compliant to Health Level 7 International (HL7) standards at the same time ensuring HIPAA compliance.


Our Mirth HL7 Integration experts can assist you in connecting healthcare applications and electronic records management systems using HL7 standards for exchanging health information including lab orders, lab results, personal health records, billing related details, and referrals etc.

  • HL7 data exchange of various types like ADT, OML, MDM, MFN, ORM, ORU, SCH, SIU, PID, PV1, IN1, OBX, DG1, ACK
  • Expertise on messaging standards – tokenized string based HL7 version 2.x and XML based HL7 version 3.x
  • Custom Mirth HL7 message routing architectures for making healthcare applications faster, more accurate
    and simpler by enabling electronic health information sharing and retrieval with any other system
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) supporting HTTPS connector to securely communicate over the internet
  • Custom developed framework to access XML web services using the Mirth Connect HL7 framework
  • Efficiency & accuracy in handling non-standard HL7 messages by HL7 mapping


Custom Electronic Medical Record (EMR) / Electronic Health Record (EHR) / Personal Health Record (PHR) software development and integration for managing demographic information, appointment scheduling, patient vitals, medication history management with Diagnosis (ICD) and Test / Procedure (CPT) coding.

  • Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU-2) certifications with Drummond Group
  • Integration with Surescripts, Allscripts and formulary drug databases for E-Prescription (eRx.)
  • HL7 integration with Mirth Connect for HIE between clinics and labs (Quest, LabCorp etc.)
  • Integration with billing and claims platforms using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Secured Personal Health Information (PHI) through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption certificates
  • Synchronized Patients’ clinical data repository of demographics, medical history, chronic disease management, immunizations, allergies, vitals, medication management, encounter notes, lab results, authorization forms, treatments, and consent forms
  • Data and files migration from legacy systems


Our Healthcare Software solution consulting team works with you to analyze the needs to develop or customize your EHR system for ONC MU2 certification. Our Meaningful Use (MU) certification consulting includes the following steps:

  • Gap Analysis of your EHR system by applying Health IT (HIT) test procedures
  • Efforts and Cost Estimation
  • Modification, Design and Development of EHR
  • Testing against HIT Test Procedures and the Gap Analysis Report
  • ONC MU 2 Certification preparation assistance
  • Post ONC-ATCB certification maintenance and support


Taction provides custom healthcare software development services for Health Information Technology (HIT) providers looking for Allscripts Healthcare Solutions integration. Our Systems Integration experts are well versed with the Allscripts APIs and quick to build Integration Bridge for developing a tightly integrated HIT platform for your organization.

  • Development of cloud based software and Allscripts integration services for medical devices, BI and analytics platforms, clinical decision support applications, telemedicine applications, mobile health applications and federal / state registries
  • Medical devices and software integration to Allscripts platforms for bi-directional information exchange
  • Workflow automation between applications, devices and Allscripts EHR
  • Web services supporting JSON, SOAP, and XML implementation Using Allscripts Unity API technology


Taction offers custom Electronic Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform development services using PHP, .Net, web services, secured channels, and mobile applications for collaboration between providers, clinics and patients.

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) solutions for portable and secured patient information
  • Integrated HIE software with Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Personal Health Records (PHR) systems
  • HL7 standard based integration interfaces using Mirth Connect
  • Integration to lab’s software platforms such as Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp etc.
  • Document information exchange with compliance to Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) for the sharing of clinical data
  • Integration with popular drug databases for formulary check and
  • Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (CCDA) for healthcare data exchanges
  • Migration from International Classification of Diseases ICD-9 to ICD-10


Electronic exchange of prescription information between providers and pharmacies improves prescription accuracy and saves time. We’ve built custom solutions with advanced integration between Clinics and Pharmacies and got that through Surescripts Certification process. Prescription filling and re-filling got easy for the Providers and the Patients with the Surescripts Integration.

  • Custom e-prescription (eRx) software development and integration services
  • E-Prescription modules development and integration with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems for secured transmission of prescription from point-of-care to pharmacy of patient’s choice for new, renewal, refill, cancelation and prescription changes
  • Medication management systems development to prescribe, dispense, administer, plus monitor drugs and dosage


Our Integration best practices include functions for claims management, medical billing, financial reporting, integration with other software systems, HL7 interfaces for Labs and Pharmacies to enhance the working of a Practice Management Software (PMS), Medical Information System (MIS), or Hospital Information System (HIS).

  • Integration with billing and claims platforms using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Custom e-prescription (eRx) software development and integration using Surescripts
  • Lab integration with medical billing and claims platforms using Mirth HL7
  • Custom Lab and Pharmacy management application development for managing patient demographics and documentation, Lab request and results, medication distribution, drug inventory, stock tracking, compliance management and analytics and reporting


Taction’s Healthcare CRM solutions are transforming healthcare services by creating higher bonding between patients and providers and improve the collaboration between the providers. Healthcare CRM solutions helps the providers to meet the growing challenges of healthcare industry tapping in new opportunities to improve the quality of patient care.

  • High security and privacy to health data. Deeper understanding of customer’s needs in the healthcare markets and offer better products and services
  • Streamlined operations to gain competitive advantage of offering personalized and result oriented care
  • Manage patient health by connecting doctors, providers, health advisers, health plan administrators and community resources
  • Make Health Information from patients readily available to physicians and other healthcare service providers
  • Offer Personalized treatment to the patient with Taction’s Healthcare CRM solutions


As Healthcare IT expert, Taction’s offer custom software development services to clinics and hospitals for managing patient demographics, patient registration, patient & physician scheduling, appointment setting and automated reminders, personal health records, in-patient details, out-patient details along with reporting and analytics.

  • Patient and clinic management feature development for appointment scheduling, automated follow-up, alerts and notification, patient encounter information, charting and report generation, in-patient (IPD) and out-patient department (OPD) management, patient registration, demographics maintenance, insurance eligibility check, prescription management and invoicing / billing management
  • Patient portal development for empowering the patients for appointment scheduling, requesting prescription refill, viewing lab results, paying invoices, viewing medical history, managing vitals and facilitate consolidation of Personal Health Records (PHR)
  • Cloud-based and mobile application development for managing Chief Complaint notations for symptom, problem, condition, diagnosis, test orders, prescription details, allergies, vitals, physician recommendations etc.


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      arrowONC MU, SureScripts Certification experts
      arrowSaaS based EHR/ EMR/ PHR and Health Information Exchange dev experts
      arrowHealthcare CRM development experts
      arrowPool of LAMP and .NET Professionals
      arrowExperienced iOS, Android and Cross-Platform Application Developers
      arrowFunctional and Technical expertise mix
      arrowDiscovery phase ready & Special Ops team

      • Knowledge Management
      • arrowHigh degree of skill in Compliance, Standards & Certification Processes
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        arrowMirth HL7 expertise
        arrowHIPAA compliance expertise
        arrowEHR/ EMR/ PHR process expertise
        arrowHealthcare IT and CRM domain expertise
        arrowFlexible engagement and staffing models

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