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case study

The Client is an end-to-end revenue cycle improvement company headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, dedicated to achieving sustainable improvement for healthcare systems by the Healthcare Service Provider.

The Client wanted to design and develop a portal with tight integration with Tableau, a very popular Business Intelligence (BI) tool, to publish various Analytics and Dashboards for the user as per their access rights.

Taction Software Designed and Developed a Portal leveraging ZEND Framework 2 (ZF2) with high level of PHP Security layer implementation and integration with Tableau JS API. With responsive design implementation leveraging Bootstrap, the Portal allowed to create various Users with defined roles / permissions where Admin might upload Tableau Dashboards to portal and provided permissions to different Users as per need. We also implemented SSL on Tableau server for higher security.

PHP, ZEND Framework 2, MySQL, Tableau

The Portal helped the Client in designing and publishing Tableau dashboards at a common place while managing the access rights of the users effectively as per their Role, Involvement in Processes and Data Visibility needs.